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Retro Core - Volume 1

by Yakumo

Published 2004

8 great games featured from the Famicom (NES), Sharp X68000, Mega CD, Arcade, Saturn, Super Famicom (SNES) and PC Engine Super CD. Plus a close up look at the Sega branded Wondermega.

Released in 2004.

Run time 01:04:35
Producer Yakumo
Production Company segagagadomain Productions
Audio/Visual MPEG Audio Layer 3 24000Hz stereo 56Kbps, XVID 480x480 29.97fps (MPEG4)
Language English
Contact Information <a href=""></a>


Produced/Directed & Presented

Camera Work

Sound & Video Editing

Flash Programming

Lovers Fate taken from Shutokou Battle 2, BPS, 1994
You Lose! taken from Shutokou Battle 2, BPS, 1994
Credits Roll taken from Assault Suits, Valken, NCS Misaya 1994

Special thanks to my wife Seiko for helping with translations.

The guys and gals at for their encouragement in making Retro Core

The makers of Consolevania who gave me the idea for Retro Core. Without their show, this would have never been


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